Monday, March 17, 2014

My Next Trip to Europe (yes, already thinking about it!)

It's been barely a month since I have been back from Europe, but I'm already catching myself day-dreaming about my next visit. The sad part is, my February trip ate up most of this year's vacation time, and the days I do have left are going towards a friend's December destination wedding in Punta Cana. (Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty stoked for that as well). My next trip across the pond will have to wait until at least 2015, but that won't stop me from doing what I do best… scrolling across Google Maps, planning routes, whilst researching destinations on the next tab. If I'm really feeling adventurous I might even price out some flights, but sadly that's about as far as I can take it at the moment. Oh well, I can always live vicariously through the full-time nomadic travellers and fellow bloggers I follow on Twitter. With all of that said, here is a (very) rough potential itinerary of my next European adventure!

1. Fly into Berlin, Germany

We had a fantastic time in Munich, which just barely beat out Berlin for the first stop on this year's trip. I love Germany! There is something about it that pulls me toward it a little more than some of the other countries I've visited. My barber (who spent 10 years in Greece) claims that the country operates with a structure a little more reminiscent of North America which differs from Mediterranean Europe, so maybe there is a comfort factor involved. It may also be that I love good beer and enjoy eating pork and baked goods. Whatever it is, I must make my way to the German capital. What it lacks in Bavarian culture, it replaces with fascinating cold war era history.

Berlin - Source

2. Fly into Belgrade, Serbia

I'll be honest, at this point in time I have not done much research on this city. As mentioned in a previous blog, I was intrigued by the decidedly "Eastern" feel upon my arrival in Prague. I felt as though I wanted to continue further east and explore this under-appreciated side of the continent. I'm thinking Belgrade, being a hub of south-eastern Europe, would be a fantastic place to start.

Belgrade - Source

3. Train/Bus into Dubrovnik, Croatia

The famous walled city of Dubrovnik. No visit to this part of Europe is complete without a glimpse of this ancient gem. Croatia has always been high on my travel list, and I think this would be my first stop in the nation. I'm imagining it to be a photographer's paradise, and while I wouldn't go to Europe for the beaches, a dip in the warm Adriatic would be the perfect ending to a day filled with incredible sightseeing.

Dubrovnik  Source

4. Ferry/Train into Calabria, Italy 

I have been to a few places in Italy already, most notably Rome and Venice. The sightseeing there has been phenomenal and worth every bit of the hype. Going forward, however, I would love to immerse myself in the "natural" Italy. Where palms grow alongside lemon and fig trees, where the heat is dense and the crowds are thin. This would be the perfect end to the trip, with a simple focus on eating the world's best food and relaxing with the sounds of the sea.

Calabria - Source

I may not get back to Europe anytime soon, but my research never stops. As long as I have a map to follow and bloggers to learn from I will continue to acquire knowledge and ensure my next trip is even better than the last.

Have you been to any of these locations? Any tips to add? Recommended detours? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Mike @ Palms & Pints.

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