Friday, February 7, 2014

Euro Bound!

So I’m finally heading back to Europe! Three-and-a-half years after my first soirée to the “Old World”, the time has come to return. Last time I got to see Rome and Vienna (as well as some small central-Italian towns while visiting family members). This time my 10-day itinerary consists of Munich, Prague, Bergamo & Venice. While Bergamo is more of just a “stop-over”  destination (although I’ve heard the old city is beautiful, and can’t wait to see it!), the other three stops have been on my bucket list for quite some time. I have high hopes for this trip and can’t wait to start blogging about it and posting photos on my twitter feed along the way (@palmsandpints). Once home, my European wanderlust should be somewhat tempered. Well, at least enough for me to focus on my bucket list destinations on the remaining continents, …in no particular order:

The Maldives
-As a lover of palm trees, fine sand and azure waters, I can’t think of a better, more exotic place in the world to relax for 2 weeks (or forever!)

-Heard a million stories from friends and family members who have experienced this ancient Incan wonder, and hiked Machu Picchu. Can’t think of a better “adventure” destination.

North Coast of Australia
-Oz is on most peoples’ travel list, but the beaches and scenery of the north is what interests me the most.

-In my home nation, yet a totally different lifestyle. I got a taste of the Maritimes already, but from the photos I’ve seen of this island, it can’t be missed!

North Africa 
-I have not done much research on this region (specifically Morocco & Tunisia), but it looks like the weather and landscape of southern Spain, but with a totally unique culture I have yet to experience.

-A bit of a theme with the beach destinations. Well, when I’m not taking in the history and food of Europe, that’s what I crave! Heard many-a-good thing about this Dutch island.

Honorable mentions
Tahiti, San Diego, New Zealand, Dubai, Costa Rica, Canadian Rockies
Next post coming from the other side of the pond on Monday (but plenty of trip tweets in between)!


Mike @ Palms & Pints 

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