Monday, February 10, 2014

Munich - Hotel Stadt Rosenheim

Booking a hotel in Munich was difficult. My wife and I were looking for something above average, but at the same time not grossly overpriced. Within Marienplatz (Munich’s “Old Town Square”, and also the main tourist drag), well-reviewed hotels easily exceed $300 CAD per night. If you take a flyer on a poorly reviewed property you might be able to snag a deal, but that just wasn’t a risk we wanted to take for our 1st wedding anniversary trip. We eventually compromised and decided to go with Hotel Stadt Rosenheim, which was well outside of Marienplatz, but close to Ostbahnhof, a major transit hub in the city. This turned out to be a fantastic decision.

With its location at the doorstep of Ostbahnhof Station, within Munich’s incredibly efficient S-Bahn system, Marienplatz was always only minutes away. Transit to and from both the airport and main bus station were also painless. 

Prime location literally right in front of the Ostbahnhof S-Bahn station!

The building itself is of historical significance. It was built in the late 19th century, held by allied forced during WWII and only recently renovated back into a hotel property. 

The lobby, hallways and rooms are of a creative yet minimalist design (think IKEA), and are in immaculate condition.

Interior felt modern yet 50's all at once.

Breakfast is outstanding. Light and fresh, perfect for kicking off a day of walking and sightseeing. 

The perfect hotel breakfast (just don't expect "American Style")

Staff are extremely friendly and helpful and room cleaning is thorough. Traveller perks like wifi, in-room safe and bottled water are included.  I would not hesitate to stay at this hotel again when back in the beautiful city of Munich and would give it my full recommendation. 

Price – 129€ ($195 CAD) per night + 10€ ($15 CAD) pp for breakfast 
Location – Orleansplatz 6a, Munich, Germany (Ostbahnhof Station)
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